[LOCKED] Official PSIO Firmware Update Thread

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Re: [LOCKED] Official PSIO Firmware Update Thread

Post by Matt » July 18th, 2020, 3:08 am

New Menu System V2.6.16 (which includes ARM V2.7.3).

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  PSIO Menu System - Version 2.6, Build 16 (18/JULY/2020)
  Copyright 2010-2020 Cybdyn Systems. All Rights Reserved.


 The use of this firmware on cloned PSIO hardware is illegal.
  If you know of someone using this firmware on cloned PSIO
            hardware, please email us directly at


  |~[Recent Changes from 2.6.15->2.6.16]~|
   - [Bug Fix] When using 'Midboot' as the 'EXTDSP' mode, the PlayStation now resets the entire system hardware (fixes "Time Crisis").
   - [Bug Fix] When a Lightgun is connected and a controller is in port 2, the pop-up keyboard no longer behaves strange when holding 'L2' or 'R2' and then navigating.
   - [Improvement] A warning message will now show for "Grind Session [NTSC]" when attempting to play it on a [PAL] PlayStation.
   - [Improvement] The scrolling speed has been reduced and the overall flow was improved to behave more gradiently.
   - [Improvement] When 'fast-scrolling' with 'L2' or 'R2', the scroller now moves in sections of 4 instead of 2.
   - [Improvement] When holding down 'L2' or 'R2' to 'fast-scroll', the scrolling sound effect is now muted.
   - [Improvement] The keyboards scrolling speed has been reduced.
  [Fastboot Changes]
   - The PlayStation now reboots when executing a game (fixes "Time Crisis").
   - Fixed a bug where sometimes Fastboot would take longer than usual to boot up.
  [ARM Firmware Changes]
   - Fixed "Chicken Run [PAL]".
   - Command timing adjustments.
   - SD Card swapping will no longer crash the system.
   - Reduced the amount of delay in the interrupt handler by 2 clock cycles.
  * ARM is now V2.7.3 *


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