PSIO stuck on black Playstation screen

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PSIO stuck on black Playstation screen

Post by nitman99 » July 2nd, 2017, 2:47 pm

I sent my PSX mainboard off to be modified last month after having the cartridge for about a year. I was told when it was sent back that it works with PSIO, but the parallel port is semi-faulty and it would need some jiggling to get going.

I've since been trying and can't get it working at all. It goes to the black PS screen with the word PSIO at the bottom, and is stuck there. The cartridge itself blinks once on the white Sony screen, and twice on the black PS screen, and that's it. Twice I've been able to get it to blink a little more, but it then goes to an entirely black screen and nothing else.

I guess it's obvious that the parallel port is the problem, but is there anything I can do about besides buying another Playstation and sending it in? Is there any possibility that my cartridge or sd card are to blame? After having this thing for a year I'm really frustrated I can't get it working.

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Re: PSIO stuck on black Playstation screen

Post by Matt » July 2nd, 2017, 9:32 pm

Hi. Yes, I remember your PU-8 mainboard, and I did notify you it was semi-faulty. To get it going, I found I had to press inward on the cartridge itself (so it was bent), and then it started working. Obviously this isn't reliable though as we can see because it's not even working for you at all and it's causing frustration. The only fix is to get another mainboard and send it in unfortunately.

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